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What can I do about sleepiness?

For most of us, before we begin meditation practice, the only time in our lives when we are totally still is when we are going to sleep. So sometimes when we sit down to meditate our bodies think “Stillness? Must be time to sleep.” So sleepiness is to be expected when beginning with meditation.

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Do I need to turn off my thoughts?

Not at all. The last thing we want to do is create more internal struggle by having a fist fight with our own thinking processes. Instead, we gradually build our concentration power so that we can ignore thinking processes as we like and focus on whatever sensory experience we wish. It may be the case from time to time that thinking processes will quiet down or even vanish for a bit. That’s fine, but it is not the goal nor is it necessary to obtain all the benefits from meditation practice.

Do I need to sit in the Lotus Posture?

No. The posture you choose for your meditation practice should allow you to remain both alert and relaxed, but that can be achieved sitting in a chair just as well as sitting with crossed legs on a cushion. It is even possible to practice while lying down, but the risk of falling asleep is great and so it is not the best choice for most beginners unless they have physical problems that prevent sitting upright.

What can I do about pain while sitting?

Some medical conditions require special accommodations and you should by all means make the needed adjustments, including practicing in a supine position if needed.

But the reality is that if you sit still long enough in ANY posture, discomfort will arise. In my classes it is always acceptable to change your posture to relieve pain. Standing in place for a few minutes Continue reading